The Treachery Of The Left Wing Establishment

In a frighteningly accurate assessment in "The Huffington Post" of how left of centre politicians have enabled the rise of the far right in the United States, Zach Carter writes,

"We’ve known since at least World War I that sustained economic misery breeds fascism, and Democratic leaders have consistently brushed aside the material needs of working class people for decades. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re looking elsewhere for solutions. It could have been prevented."

It is exactly the same in England. That the Tories would prosper the rich at the expense of the poor is not surprising as they are what they are. However, that the Labour Party should do the same is not only surprising it is a downright betrayal that rivals the actions of Judas Iscariot in its cynicism. The quiet, drawn out political assassination of Jeremy Corbyn by the Blairite careerists at Westminster is proof of just how far from its original commitment to the working class the Parliamentary Labour Party has strayed. It is only the fact that our collective memory of the horrors of fascism are fresher in our minds than in the minds of the people of the United States who suffered no blitz, that has stopped us giving birth to our own Donald Trump. Instead, the disillusioned English proletariat simply refuse to vote for anybody and our government remains forever conservative whatever party is in power.

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