The MadGang Go Up And Over Cringle Moor

Last Saturday we went for a cross country ramble from the Lord Stones Country Park in the Yorkshire Moors. It was Edric's first major ramble. We began by walking along the Cleveland Way as it crosses over Cringle Moor and there are photographs of this part of our journey below. We then traversed the whole of the western flank of Cold Moor from north to south. This entailed some serious and sustained bog-trotting during which I felt no inclination to stop and get my camera out of my backpack. Finally we walked back to the carpark along quiet country lanes. We were walking for over three and a half hours and never got rained on once which is quite a rare experience on the moors at this time of year.

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The MadGang Go Up And Over Cringle Moor — 1 Comment

  1. “toward the summit of Cold Moor”

    For some reason, I was thinking “the summit of Cold Nose“! 😉 What a great-looking Gang. <3