Father Jonathan Needs Your Help

As I expect most of you already know, ever since I was made redundant from my post in the Church of England five years ago for having suffered from depression, my ministry online at Saint Laika's has been my only source of income. Thanks to the generosity of a few, very generous supporters I manage to limp by each month on an income of about five hundred pounds (seven hundred dollars). Unfortunately, when an unexpected expense comes along I am invariably unable to afford it.

This is very much the case this month. Both my exterior hard drive and my lap top, which are necessary for my internet work, have developed hardware faults and need repairing. I cannot afford to pay for this out of my monthly income and so I am asking for help from those of you who support my ministry and can afford to send a bit of cash my way. I know times are tough for everybody at the moment but every little helps me.

You can donate via the PayPal button below. You decide how much you want to contribute. You do not even need a PayPal account in order to make your donation.

Thank you, my friends and may God bless you as much as you have all been a blessing to me over the years.

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