The Best Of What We Are

"In the flash of this moment
you're the best of what we are.
Don't let them stop you now

These are words from Bruce Cockburn's song, "Nicaragua" which is featured in a video from 1986 that I am posting as a tribute to Father Fernando Cardenal, a Roman Catholic priest involved in the Sandinista movement in Nicaragua, who has died aged 82.

When the rebels overthrew Somoza in 1979, Father Fernando joined the government as education minister and led a successful literacy campaign in Nicaragua. For this the Vatican suspended him from the priesthood. He was a supporter of Liberation Theology and said he would be “committing a grave sin” to leave his position in the Sandinista government.

“I cannot conceive of a God that would ask me to abandon my commitment to the people,” he explained in an open letter in 1984, after being expelled from the Jesuit order.

He was eventually readmitted to the order in 1996.


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