Who’s Indoctrination?

An unregistered Chasidic school in Hackney, North London where Yiddish is the only spoken language is to close today on the orders of the Department for Education. This is because of a damning Ofsted report in which the inspectors claimed "the education encouraged cultural and ethnic insularity with no opportunity to learn about fundamental British values."

I expect it is a good thing (for the pupils) that this school is closing but, to be honest, I find the idea of schools being about instilling fundamental British values to be just as scary as schools being about instilling a particular religion's values, especially at this time when schools are under the direction of a tory government. Of course, I am fully aware that schools have always been more about socialisation and preparation for the workplace than education, but they do seem to have become more so since I was a pupil. Mind you, being taught to think for myself and have an enquiring mind has not done me any good in life.

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