Keeping It In The Family

Priests in El Salvador have been banned from studying at secular universities for fear they might succumb to worldly temptations, according to instructions from bishops published this week in a church newspaper.

“It is not proper or convenient for us, as we run many risks when out in the world, beyond abandoning the parish and the priestly life,” the country's Episcopal Conference warned in a letter printed in the gazette Orientacion.

The problem with the logic of this episcopal commandment is that priests and trainee priests tend to succumb to worldly temptations (beyond abandoning the parish and the priestly life) more readily and easily within the seminary or ordination college than they do whilst visiting the local place of secular education. At least, that was certainly the case at the college I went to although, I hasten to add, not in my particular case as Mrs MP would have excommunicated my bollocks from my body if I had given into temptation and I'm quite fond of my bollocks.

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