Pastor’s Wife Files For Divorce

From Christian Today:

American pastor and former prisoner in Iran, Saeed Abedini, returned to his family in Boise, Idaho, on Tuesday only to be greeted by the news that his wife Naghmeh Panahi had filed court documents to legally separate from him, citing spousal abuse as the reason for their broken marriage, reports said.

Writing on her Facebook page on Wednesday, Naghmeh said she still loves her husband, "but as some might understand, there are times when love must stop enabling something that has become a growing cancer."

In her Facebook post, Naghmeh cited one intriguing piece of information that she appeared to have deliberately left unexplained. She said three months ago, her husband demanded that she do certain things in order to promote him in the public's eye, threatening to end their marriage if she didn't.

She declined to reveal what it was that he allegedly wanted her to do.

I think Naghmeh's reaction to her husband's request is a bit extreme to say the least. Heck, if I asked Mrs MP to do certain things in order to promote me in the public's eye there is no way she would file for divorce. She would just fall off her chair laughing.

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