Unholy Bigotry To Invade Streets Of Rome

The pope, probably wanting to maintain his kudos among the easily impressed liberals of the world, has stood back to allow Cardinal Angelo Bangasco, president of Italy's Bishops' Conference, to organise the anti-gay rallies in Rome this coming Saturday. This homophobic expression of church bigotry is being flimsily disguised as a "Family Day" for those opposed to proposed legislation to recognise civil partnerships between two people of the same gender.

483ae219a4127_zoomBagnasco says the family is a "treasure chest of relationships, generations and genres, of humanism and of grace" in which children are the "jewel in the crown".

He said their welfare must prevail over all else, as they are the weakest and most exposed. Echoing words of Pope Francis, he said children needed a father and a mother. "The family is an anthropological fact, not ideological."

As are same gender, emotional and physical, loving relationships. But the church is never consistent in its logic. No doubt because for too long it has been allowed to have its cake and eat it. However, my guess is it will probably be choking on wedding cake pretty soon as, at least, the lower house of the Italian parliament will more than likely vote in favour of the legislation and I expect the people of Italy are pretty much as intimidated by the church as the people of Ireland turned out to be when they voted recently in favour of same gender marriage. Which is not in the slightest.


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