Holy Photo Opportunity

From Christian Today:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.25.39The Bishop of Durham spearheaded a move which defeated the government in the House of Lords last night. Peers voted by a majority of ninety-two to force ministers to think again over plans to change the way child poverty is measured.

The government wants to scrap current indicators of poverty to focus instead on "drivers" of the problems such as inter-generational factors like worklessness and educational attainment. This would involve removing the previous measurement which focused exclusively on financial indicators and defined poverty as household income of 60 per cent less than the national median.

The motion tabled by the Bishop of Durham and voted through last night will force the government to include the income-related measurements in an annual report to Parliament.

Instead of grandstanding in public he could give me a job and raise me out of poverty. It never fails to amaze me how Christian these bishops can appear in public whilst having the pastoral ability of house bricks when it comes to relating to members of their own flock on a one to one basis. This was the bishop who took over seven months to get round to granting me permission to officiate, probably because he had more photogenic, high profile things to do instead.

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