The Real Victims Of The Primates’ Sanctions

There is no doubt that the Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. has been grievously insulted by the primates of the Anglican Communion. Its members have every right to be angry. However, the Episcopal Church will survive. It is well capable of looking after itself. The very worst that might occur is that T.E.C. will declare itself independent and leave the Anglican Communion. If that does happen I would not be at all surprised if other provinces, such as Scotland, Canada and Brazil, join them and something new and rather wonderful is born.

The real victims of the primates' homophobic and hateful action are the LGBT Christians and their supporters in the provinces whose leaders have pinned their colours to the flag mast of bigotry. These people are now strangers in their own land, labelled as heretics and sacrificed for the appeasement of the unenlightened.

As is the way of the upside down kingdom of God, American Anglicans should forsake looking for support and sympathy from those elsewhere in the Communion who share their views on sexuality and, instead, offer sympathy and support to those same Christian rebels who need it far more than they do.


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