Guilty By Association

The punishment of the Episcopal Church of the USA because of their acceptance of same gender marriage has, in effect, made the vilification of gay people a credal matter. Believing that LGBT couples should be allowed to make the moral choice of lifetime commitment to each other before God is now the same as believing that Jesus is not the Son of God or that he was not raised to life after he was crucified.

Inclusive Anglicans everywhere will be deciding today if they can remain in a denomination that officially believes in a god substantially different to the God they believe in without losing their integrity. We are not talking here about the make of coffee to be served after church on Sunday. We are talking about the tenets of our faith. The sort of thing Christians have died for in the past.

But their exclusion from what is, at its heart, a homophobic institution may work to The Episcopal Church's benefit. I was suspended from the decision making processes of the Anglican Communion over five years ago when I was sacked for having suffered from depression and my online church is more popular now than it ever has been.


Guilty By Association — 2 Comments

  1. I’m guilty as well. As a cradle Pinkie (Episcopalian since birth), I must admit that I am solid in my affirmation (aka “proud” – sorry…) of my support of The Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. I have witnessed our church on the forefront of inclusion of African/Black Americans, People of Color, Women, and people of varying sexual identities within the body of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who would Jesus have excluded? I believe, No One. And so I follow our Lord in that regard. I just explored the blog Integrity USA, and the parish of which I am a member, St. Paul’s, Bremerton, WA, USA is on the map! I am sad for the larger body of the Anglican Communion, and wish they could experience the Holy Joy of being in the forefront of the Jesus Movement, and being in the membership lead by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. Thank you for your support, Jonathan, and St.Laika communicants. This is a real privilege and a humbling joy. I hold you all in my daily prayers. Blessings, alice gray, Port Orchard, Washington State, USA.