Physician, Heal The Poor

Junior doctors are on strike in England today.

Junior doctors work extremely hard and long hours. For doing this they are paid a decent salary, certainly a lot more than most people get to earn. In the not too distant future most of them will be earning more money in a year than a person on the minimum wage earns in ten years. The greedier ones will bugger off abroad and earn twice as much if not more. They will not have to pay back the UK taxpayers' money that subsidised their training to a large extent.

I would be pissed off if I had an employer and that employer changed the terms of my contract but I have to admit I have as much sympathy for junior doctors as I do for school teachers and all professionals who routinely earn more than three times as much as the low paid workers of my country. That amount of sympathy being none at all. As a socialist I believe that those with average and above salaries should work for the betterment of the wages of the low paid, especially those without the same organisational abilities and opportunities as themselves, before they start trying to grab an even larger share of the nation's finite wealth for themselves.

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