Death Of A Starman

Being a young dude and English in the 1970s was just the greatest thing
and David Bowie was, in the main, the person responsible for this.


Death Of A Starman — 5 Comments

  1. He was one of my musical heroes and enjoyed all his musical and character changes over the years.

    • Same here, although I majored on the Thin White Duke persona (“Young Americans” and “Station to Station” are two of my all time favourite albums). I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to claim he was the single most important musician (et al) of the 1970s. Art rock, glam, prog, soul and, above all, punk, would not have been anywhere near as creative without him.

  2. Yeah, when Punk broke out I said, “Didn’t David Bowie already do this?” I love Station to Station and Young Americans, too, but Low really changed my life.

    • The single most important group in the history of rock is the Velvet Underground. Everything else that is good follows.