Kate Rusby Sells Out ( And I’m Not Referring To Tickets )

On her new Christmas album, Kate Rusby sings the folk carol, "Bradfield." The words of the last verse should be:

Glory to God and peace to men
is the news our dear bells bring;
nations will worship on earth below
with this carol that Angels sing.

Our Kate has changed it to the following:

Peace to the world and peace to man
is the song the dear bells ring;
nations will follow on earth below
with this song the angels sing.

Small changes but enough to render the carol Godless (angels are okay because they are new agey). You would think that folk musicians, if no one else, would put tradition and authenticity before trendy, politically correct, atheism, but, no, the present generation of folk musicians completely eschew the Christian heritage that so richly runs through the veins of folk music.

Ms Rusby, I'm disappointed in you.


Kate Rusby Sells Out ( And I’m Not Referring To Tickets ) — 2 Comments

  1. As someone who makes a point of emphasizing that I try to FOLLOW Jesus (his example and teachings), as opposed to those who ONLY worship him (making no effort at all to follow), I can’t complain about the second change.

    Re the first? I’m more or less resolved that I will need to abandon the language of theism, in order to preach the GOOD News to those who have been so hurt BY theists.

    An example: as a young child, I had an absolute BASTARD of a sadistic dentist, who would yell at me “I’m not hurting you—quit crying!” as he was mofo pulling my teeth out. In short, it’s no good telling people that the G word can’t hurt them, if it does. It’s not the word “God” that saves—it’s The Word (i.e., Logos), who can be called *anything* that works (I actually have a warm, tomato-ey Marinara feeling for those who refer to the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Spaghetti_Monster ). When people NEED to personify The Good, they’ll come around to God. God can certainly wait—then so can I.