Santa Visits Baby Jesus — 1 Comment

  1. Just about any Christian dreck store will have these. I really don’t get the whole “Christian Time Travel” thing—beginning w/ my biggest bugaboo w/ the Popoids’ theology, the “Immaculate Conception”. So Jesus-on-the-Cross sends his WhizBANG! SavingPOWER!! back into time to “preserve” Mary-Ever-Virgin-From-Skanky-SEX!!! from “the stain of Original Sin”? Oh Mabel, please get me mah smellin’ salts! Better yet, go back in time to keep me from needin’ em!

    Either we embrace the linear time bequeathed to us by Judaism, or we go full-cyclical ala The East (for every Creation there’s a Destruction, which leads to a Creation, etc, etc, ad infinitum). But this Time Travel hooey? (Santa at the Manger, Fetus Mary dressed up in Jesus’s Crucifixion Blood?) Save it for SciFi!