C. Of E. And Islam Agree On Oppression Of Gay People


The Reverend Canon Jeremy Davies has been banned from taking services in Winchester diocese because he married his gay partner last year. He had been in a relationship with opera singer, Simon McEnery, for nearly thirty years prior to the wedding.

After being asked to conduct an increasing number of services in Winchester, he applied to officiate in the diocese. The Bishop of Winchester, the Right Reverend Timothy Dakin, told Canon Davies he was unable to grant him permission.

Canon Davies said, "If the church doesn't think I'm married, why can I not have permission to officiate."

Mr McEnery said: "The church needs to examine itself for institutional homophobia. I think they need to see how much harm and damage they are doing to gay people."

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Winchester said: "Due to the Church of England's position on same sex marriage, as set out in the House of Bishops' pastoral guidance, Canon Jeremy Davies has been informed that his application has been unsuccessful."

Oh, how those Christians love one another but only if the love falls within the bishops' guidelines.

In England the government has, this week, closed down private Islamic schools partly because they have been teaching misogynist and homophobic doctrine to their pupils. As the Church of England is an established church the British government has the right, and in my opinion, the duty, to close down the Church of England for pretty much the same reasons.


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