Return Of The Living Dead

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An Ohio man is celebrating Christmas with a yard nativity scene starring Zombie Jesus, a bluish baby with blank eyes and either fangs or a need for zombie-orthodontia. Ohio’s Sycamore Township is charging proprietor Jasen Dixen $500 a day for the setup, because he does not have the appropriate permit for his festive display. Local Baptists have been leaving flyers at Dixen’s manger stating that “God Frowns Upon This Manger Scene.”

COMMENT: Possibly, although I personally would guess that God has more hideous concerns getting him down at the moment than an expensive joke by a grown man stuck with an adolescent boy's mind.



Return Of The Living Dead — 1 Comment

  1. I just hope the Township is fairly assessing unlicensed Nativity scenes here (inc ones where the characters are *slightly* more life-like).