Not Only In America — 4 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, The Donald has learned all too well from history that the way to power is to appeal to our basest instincts.

  2. Sig Heil der FurHAIR!

    Some pundits are still wondering whether tRump, in his heart of hearts (bile of biles) is “For Real” (or some kind of publicity/celebrity SCAM, to be revealed when he drops out of the race in a Spectacle of Pique).

    Whatever his intentions going in—or even now—he’s become far too dangerous to treat anything OTHER than For Fecking Realest now. He’s aroused the Evilest Beast of the Yank Reb Id. Even if that Beast *seems* unlikely/unable to capture the White House, who KNOWS what calamitous horrors it might cause in the coming year (or beyond).

    • ETA: even as I typed “Reb Id”, I realized that’s not quite right either. Sure, between the “Union North” and “Confederate South” (NB: the latter DEFINITELY not confined to the 1865 Confederate borders anymore!), Trump draws much of his popularity from the latter (that’s just the GOP “Southern Strategy” from 1964 to today).

      No, as the cartoon indicates, there’s an element of European-style Fascism which is new to the U.S. political scene. Whatever of the sins (innumerable) of our Confederate brethren, they didn’t have a Great Man cult of leadership among them (long told was the joke that the only place that “President” Jefferson Davis was less popular than in the North, was in the South!). Still, what w/ the anti-(labor)union “aspirations” of Populist ‘Merkans, I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Beloved Billionaire came to represent BOTH their “HYUUUGEST!” devotions, as well as aspirations (Trump, of course, believes his worshippers’ aspirations only reveal they’re the most gullible of schmucks)

      • A nation that is capable of electing Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush to the office of president is more than capable of electing Donald Trump to the same office.