Nun With Gun

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 16.17.27Pennsylvania nun, Sister John Paul Bauer, went hunting on the first day of deer season, and waited in her tree stand for about three hours for a deer to come near her. While she waited, she prayed the Rosary. A short time later, several deer arrived, including two bucks. She bagged the larger one.

"I've always prayed the Rosary on the tree stand. That's a tradition. You get up in the morning, you pray the Rosary in the tree stand. So, I just think the Blessed Mother did smile upon me."

The nun learned to shoot while serving in the Navy. She said there’s something spiritual about hunting.

"When you're up on a tree stand, you're still, you're quiet. You listen. You watch as the frosty ground just becomes alive. It's like creation all over."

COMMENT: In what way exactly is hiding for three hours until a deer comes along and stands in front of you, hunting? I'm surprised the bloodthirsty nun didn't just set an inhumane trap and say her rosary in the warmth of her cell or gun cupboard, whatever.


Nun With Gun — 3 Comments

  1. The nun’s no better and no worse than any other meat-eater {raises hand—after licking delicious meat juices off}. However, “You watch as the frosty ground just becomes alive. It’s like creation all over” . . . BOOM!

    Give me a break. Creation? More like Shiva-the-Destroyer…

    • There may be a difference in the level of enjoyment she gets out of killing things compared to most people.