A Really Brilliant Start

Advent Appeal 2015

Thank you Jonathan, Brian, Frank, Susanne, Hugh and Andy. Because of your lovely generosity I can announce that the Great Saint Laika Advent Appeal has already raised £140.00 ($210.98). This is a substantial chunk of the £1000.00 I hope to raise. You people are stars.

The Saint Laika online Christian community is not only my sole ministry, it is also my only source of income. It is always a struggle paying for the upkeep of the website and Facebook page as well as having to find the money for living expenses. I rely on the donations of a group of friends who donate generously (some of them every month) to keep me afloat. At the moment I make do on about £500 a month. Unfortunately, this is not enough to cover anything more than the basic expenses of living. So, twice a year (June and December) Saint Laika's hosts a special appeal to raise money for the big bills that I can't avoid and the little extras of life such as new clothes in the January sales. Through the Advent appeal I also raise the money to buy my wife's Christmas present and a bit of Christmas cheer.

Please consider supporting my ministry this Advent, by making a donation via the PayPal widget below. You do not need a PayPal account to do so. This year Saint Laika's has been reaching more people than it ever has done in the past and your gift will, hopefully, mean that this trend will continue and my work to make known the gospel of our affirming and inclusive God will go from strength to strength.

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