Spreading The Gospel On A Shoestring

I don't even check my blog statistics anymore, haven't done for years now. Without checking I couldn't tell you how many Facebook friends I have. But, when it comes to the Saint Laika Facebook page I boast in the Lord big time. I am really gobsmacked at the speed we have increased our number of LIKES from one thousand to one thousand two hundred, it's only been a matter of just over a month. What I am even more excited about is the number of regular visitors we are getting on weekdays and the fact that these new friends are from all over the shop in respect of church background and tradition.

Saint Laika's is my ministry and mission. I wish it paid better (especially at this time of year) but at least it is bucking the general downward trend of the church that doesn't give a toss about me and I get a certain, naughty gratification from that.

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Spreading The Gospel On A Shoestring — 1 Comment

  1. And here I couldn’t give a toss about ANYBODY’s Facebook page!

    JCF, 1 of 1 on your blog. :-p~~~