Be Careful What You Wish For

No way should the Church of England be allowed to advertise their religion at the cinema or on television or anywhere else where people can't avoid it by simply looking at something else. Why? Because the last thing I want to be forced to watch on the rare occasion I go to the flicks is some jihadist telling me that I should worship Allah and insist that my wife walks around in a black sack from head to toe. And if the Church of England is allowed to advertise Christmas then there is absolutely no reason why every other faith community shouldn't advertise their thing as well and it wouldn't be long before Scientologists, creationists, Islamists, Thuggees, atheists and every other cult that either wants your money or your body to strap a bomb to, starts insisting on their right to bombard us with their vile or just plain crazy propaganda.

And another thing, who paid for this complete waste of money? I bet it was the little old ladies of our parishes trying to get by on the miserly state pension.

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