It could have been a big mistake, watching this film. Part of my madness is an unreasonable belief in fate. I believe (I am told it is a delusion) that I am meant to be unlucky in life and that if I accidentally experience good luck then nature will right itself by throwing at me a whole load of catastrophic bad luck. So I tend to hide from happiness even to the point of deliberately screwing things up. I have endured many hours of cognitive therapy in which psychologists have tried valiantly to disabuse me of this "magical thinking" but all to no avail. The problem with this film is that is based on the premise that I am in fact right, that some people are born lucky whilst others are never going to get a break whatever they do to facilitate one. If the odds of winning a lottery jackpot was fourteen million to one, such people could buy fourteen million tickets and they still would not get three numbers coming up on even one of them.

But the film is about a lot more than luck. It is an old fashioned science fiction story containing science, fiction and the magic ingredient that is in all great science fiction stories - philosophy. If you are interested in the subject of free will then this is the film for you. I am and I really enjoyed this movie. I give it five out of five.

Oh, and so far I haven't slipped into a deeper melancholia than is normal for me. Perhaps I was meant to see this film after all.

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