Is The Q’ran The Word Of Allah?


The only way I can remain a "Bible-based" Christian when there are verses in the Bible that call for the subjugation of women, the execution of gay men, the flogging of children, the return of slaves to their "owners" and the ethnic cleansing of whole nations, is to accept that the Bible is not the word of God and that it is the word of men.

If I believed that the Bible was inerrant I would believe that gay men should be executed because I am a person of integrity.

I can deny the inerrancy of the Bible because I am a Christian and Christ did not claim that all scripture was inerrant or to be understood literally. I cannot understand how a muslim can claim that Allah does not command the killing of non-muslims simply for not being muslims without stating that the Q'ran is not the literal word of Allah as dictated to Mohammed by an angel.
Therefore, I would like to know if those muslims who claim that there is no excuse in Islam for the spilling of blood, have the same view of the Q'ran as I have of the Bible. If not, do they view the Q'ran as an allegory not to be taken at face value or are they, like so many Christians, ignorant of much of their scriptures, preferring to cherry pick what suits their ethics and to ignore the many contradictions they have to accept because of their theological laziness?

I agree with Hans Küng, the only way the faith communities of the world are going to advance even the smallest step towards being the solution rather than the problem is for all of us to be honest about our foundational beliefs, not only of our own religion but also of the religion of others.

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