Dawn Of The Dead Toffs

New_Deadwardians_Vol_1_5In the UK it's the last ever episode of "Downton Abbey" tonight. Entitled "The Serving Dead," it is a real gore fest. The make up department must have had loads of fun.

The plot is simple. Mrs Patmore is outside having a crafty smoke before putting the veg on when she notices the Reverend Albert Travis stumbling around the courtyard looking, for all the world, as if he is well drunk. Worried that his Lordship might see him she quickly hustles the vicar into the kitchen only to find out, as he starts feasting on her ample flesh that he has been zombified. After finishing off the cook, Reverend Travis goes on to infect all of the servants and together they climb the stairs to get their revenge on the b**tards who have been making their lives hell for the last six series.

Robert Crawley's final words (in fact, they are the final words of the final episode of the final series) are, "Come on, chaps. This really isn't British."

Then they rip his head off.


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  1. No spoilers!

    [Heh, I see how you made the vicar into one of the servant class, for the purpose of the Zombie Revolution. Clever.]