It’s A Mad World

A short review of "600 Hours of Edward" by Craig Lancaster:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 15.46.58Mad Lit can be such a downer. Books like "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath can be brutal reads and if you are not depressed when you start them you sure will be by the final page. But this short, but perfectly formed, novel by Craig Lancaster is far from misery inducing. In fact, overall it is a happy book, full of hope. It certainly made me, a long term sufferer of mental health problems, optimistic and that is not an emotion I experience often.

Edward is on the autism spectrum and is further lumbered with O.C.D. When we join him he is already a couple of years into counselling with a "very logical" female, psychologist and his condition is stable. Edward copes reasonably well with life. It is everyone else who cause the problems he keeps bumping into. From experience I can say that this is life for most of us with mental health issues. For periods, sometimes long periods, of our lives we cope but we are not allowed to fully realise our potential because of the prejudice of other people.

"600 Hours of Edward" is the story of a turning point in one, neurologically different man's life and the good news is that he doesn't end up killing himself.


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  1. So, have you run across Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson? It is a mad lit book that will make you laugh. If you don’t know her work, take a look at her website