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A young woman has been stoned to death in central Afghanistan after being accused of adultery, officials say. A 30-second video appearing to show the punishment has been posted online. The clip shows a woman in a hole in the ground surrounded by turbaned men who hurl stones at her. The woman, named as Rokhshana and aged between 19 and 21, can be heard repeatedly and desperately professing her Muslim faith as the stones strike.

The woman and the 23-year-old man she was allegedly eloping with had fled from their families in a bid to find a place to be married. Provincial Governor Seema Joyenda (one of only two female governors in Afghanistan) told the agency that Rokhshana's family had married her off against her will.

"This is the first incident in this area (this year) but will not be the last," she added.

The man she was eloping with was let off with only a lashing, Ms Joyenda said.

I really do believe that we are partly responsible for this obscenity. At least, we are not doing anything to stop this type of religious violence wherever it rears its ugly head in the world. The reluctance of western liberals to denounce those parts of Islam which promote the abuse of women by men to the same extent that they denounce the parts of Christianity that promote the abuse of women and gay people, does absolutely nothing to help muslim women who live in fear of male violence against them. We have to let go of our political correctness and divorce, in our minds, the abuse of women from all other factors so that we can condemn it as the unadulterated evil that it is.

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  1. I believe that Islamists can FECK OFF to the same extent I believe Christianists can FECK OFF. But I believe I might have a *iota* more clout telling the Christianists to feck off, because of the Sharing the Same (more or less*) Scriptures thang.

    * Or less: if the Christianists use ANY Bible translation which uses the term “homosexual” in it. Which is obviously bullsh*t.