What A Piece Of Work!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of one of my local Facebook friends. we went to a live screening of the National Theatre's "Hamlet" starring Benedict Cumberbatch last night. Wow! What and experience! He really is a truly excellent Prince of Denmark for our times.

I had never been to one of these live screening events before and I was expecting it to be very much a second class experience. But it wasn't. In fact, I cannot see how being in the theatre itself would have been a more enjoyable experience. The camerawork and the sound were perfect (I always have problems hearing what the actors are saying in theatres). The enormous screen we were watching the play on really immersed us in the drama and this was heightened by the energetic and exciting production.

It is mind-blowing just how much of our everyday speech, especially its idioms, can be traced back to the writings of the Bard, and in particular, "Hamlet." It strikes me that most of the English language is from William Shakespeare's plays or the King James Bible or the Book of Common Prayer and the rest is silence.

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