Conservative Christianity – The Coalition From Hell

A sound socialist and true Christian Facebook friend of mine, in response to the swing to the right in yesterday's UK election, posted:

"Now more than ever the church needs to speak God's option for the poor. We can not just allow people to be broken on the wheel of the market."

I told him he was pissing in the wind because the vast majority of UK churchgoers voted Conservative. In my country, like in many others, Christianity is very much part of the problem rather than the solution. People go to church for the company and for the emotional buzz. They do not go for the social teaching of Jesus Christ. That's why they are always complaining about the length of sermons. They sit there putting up with the minister advocating a selfless lifestyle they have absolutely no intention of ever adopting just so they can catch up with the local gossip over coffee afterwards.


Conservative Christianity – The Coalition From Hell — 1 Comment

  1. “the vast majority of UK churchgoers voted Conservative”

    It’s both similar and different here. In the US, generally speaking, the more religious, the more conservative (i.e. GOP). Yet it’s very different for Episcopalians: the more committed, probably the more liberal. Episcopalians are, I believe, more closely following Christ. Yet we’re a tiny percentage of Christians here. In general, I think your point about “churchgoers” holds here, too. Jesus wept.