Trust No One?

For most people, mathematics is to science what Latin was to religion before the Reformation. In fact, your average Medieval English peasant had a better grasp of basic Latin than your average modern day peasant has of advanced mathematics. Scientists cite the mathematics few of us understand to convince us of their claims in the same way the Roman Catholic clergy used their Jerome Bible. For example, we believe that particle they created in the Hadron Collider was the Higgs Boson simply because Scientists tell us it is. There is no way that most of us can check out the mathematics that supposedly indicate that said particle would be found where they found the particle they are claiming is the Higgs Boson. Jerome mistranslated loads of words and phrases and used unreliable sources but for hundreds of years nobody questioned the accuracy of his translation. If the mathematics of the theorists is at all out we could be barking up the wrong tree in respect of the origins of the universe but there is no way we could check that out for ourselves. Personally, I do not think we should condemn so wholeheartedly, as we do, those who remain cynical of science. Creationists are more than likely talking bollocks but there is a possibility that the proponents of the Big Bang Theory etc. are just as mistaken. Let's face it, we would never know.


Trust No One? — 2 Comments

  1. But then, do we need to know anyway?
    What makes us think the human mind has evolved in such a way as to understand the universe? Maybe it has evolved to mislead us into thinking we do. After all evolutionary biologists tell us that deceiving oneself has evolutionary advantages.

    • I agree. On Facebook yesterday I made the point that we should prefix all observations with the word “apparently” for exactly the reason you state above.