Anglican Communion Leader May Be Arrested In England


"The Anglican Communion Office, based in St. Andrew’s House, London, England, is the permanent secretariat for the Instruments of Communion. It was established with the formation of the Anglican Consultative Council in 1968, and was primarily intended to support communications between churches and provinces. Today, its 25 or so international staff, under the direction of the Secretary General, serve the Anglican Consultative Council, the Primates' Meetings and the Lambeth Conference, as well commissions, committees and groups that emerge from time to time, as the need arises. It acts as a hub for visiting Anglican/Episcopal leaders and for information about Anglican Communion – its past, present and future. The work of the office is supported by an inter-Anglican budget which is funded by contributions from the member churches and other grant-making bodies."

It's not an exact analogy but, as near as damn it, the Secretary General of this secretariat is, to the Anglican Communion, what the foreign secretary is to the government of the United Kingdom. In other words the occupant of the post is the main spokesperson representing the Anglican Communion to the whole world.

The powers that be decided this week to appoint Bishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon of Nigeria to the post of Secretary General of the Anglican Communion. This man openly endorses the imprisonment of gay people for being gay people. In the United Kingdom publicly calling for the imprisonment of a law abiding group of citizens because of their sexuality is regarded as hate speech and possibly as the incitement of violence or prejudicial action against gay people which is a major crime.

So, the Anglican Communion, whose episcopal figurehead is a bishop in the Church of England, has appointed to one of its most senior positions, a unrepentant bigot who would be arrested if he came to England and repeated out loud what he thinks should happen to gay people. Morally, he is as far removed from "the British way of life" as the chief policy maker of the Islamic State.

What does this say about the Church of England at this moment in time?

Personally, I think it says that Anglicanism is as incompatible with the norms of British society as even the most ardent Islamist. Perhaps UKIP should put the repatriation of Anglicans into their election manifesto.



Anglican Communion Leader May Be Arrested In England — 2 Comments

  1. He (Idowu-Fearon) is back-pedaling, furiously:

    Me, I’m not buying it. I think its C-Y-A, “Now give me my new job!”

    No? I want to hear a full and COMPLETE accounting of that 2014 quote. If it’s not accurate, where did it come from? If it IS accurate, exactly HOW has he changed since then? (Details, details, details! Needless to say, there better be a self-eviscerating apology in there, too). Unless and until: FUHGEDDABOUTIT!

  2. Thinking Anglicans has his spotty ¨explanation¨…he still reserves the right to hold ¨conservative views¨ which we all know means he has already decided the integrity of millions of LGBTI throughout the Anglican Communion. Sorry, but The Most Reverend Idowu-Fearon is simply another backroom (usually bathroom) caucus choice…not one meansure of glee for someone who silently endorses the CORRUPTION inside of the Anglican Communion which marginalizes, LGBT at ALL levels of Churchlife. Meanwhile, Archobserver Justin Welby pretends he neautral about such a hate-tainted leader at the ACC. Welby has become the shadow archbishop to himself.