Jobs For The Girls

Is there such a thing as coincidence?

The second female bishop in the Church of England is married to a bishop.

I wrote a blog about this couple when they first moved to Newcastle Diocese. In it I pointed out the unfairness of the Bishop of Newcastle arranging a job for Mrs White in his diocese so that she could be with Mr White, when he absolutely refused to help priests in his diocese, that he wasn't friends with, find a suitable position (e.g. me).

In other words, I am deeply suspicious that I am correct in my prediction that the allowance of female bishops will make absolutely no difference to the old school tie system of preferment that has always operated in my church. The only difference is that the Boys' Club is now the Boys' and (safe) Girls' Club.


Jobs For The Girls — 2 Comments

  1. The exceptional woman allowed into a Boys’ Club (e.g., M. Thatcher of yore; H. Clinton and A. Merkel in the present) gets in the door because she plays the game well, and certainly not because she is particularly humane and compassionate. Anyhow, it makes no sense for a top-down bureaucracy to undermine itself by admitting possible subversives to its upper echelons.