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Electro-Acoustic keyboard wizard Marc Cary celebrates his 20th anniversary as a recording artist with Rhodes Ahead Vol. 2, a powerhouse follow-up to his seminal 1999 release Rhodes Ahead Vol. 1. Keeping the original heavyweight trio of Cary, Terreon Gully and Tarus Mateen intact, Cary's fierce new project puts the iconic Fender Rhodes sound front and center, fusing drum n' bass, electronic music, acoustic jazz and funk influences, creating yet another visionary project; a testament to Cary's prolific and forward-thinking vision, versatility and creativity. This sampler showcases some of Cary's best work on the Rhodes piano across three different albums - his 2013 offering Four Directions (with the acclaimed Focus Trio) and his 2014 release Cosmic Indigenous, as well as the aforementioned genre-bending new release Rhodes Ahead Vol. 2!

From the southern roots of Georgia comes Lauren St. Jane with her sophomore effort EP, "Hurricane," produced by ZK Productions and Matthew Heath. The highlight single, "Running Around," was co-written with Angie Aparo (of Faith Hill's, "Cry") and lends new artistic layers to Lauren's classic Americana style without forgoing a natural radio sensibility.

"Seahorse Sessions" is Sam Morrow's first Live EP recorded with his band at Seahorse sound in downtown Los Angeles. Sam reimagined three songs from his album "Ephemeral" ( Sure Thing, 14, Old Soul) while also brining a new song to the table (Barely Holding On). Sam said ,"This EP was a chance to get in the studio have some fun and show people how me and the band play these songs live. These songs from the last record have really taken on a new shape in the past year and I wanted to show people that. I'm really excited about "Barely Holding On" and I think it will give people a good taste of what the next record will be like."

Here it is folks, Zach Pietrini is finally on Noisetrade with a Spring sampler. Zach & the band have been playing and recording for 7 years, and are giving you a taste of their forthcoming record (also, their fourth record) Highways and Heartache, as well as some fan favourites. Regardless of when the songs were written, they all fit the band's ethos: unpretentious, honest songwriting. They call it Midwestern Salt-Of-The-Earth Americana.

Spencer Burton’s story is that of the travelling troubadour; the roaming raconteur, passing from place to place, collecting and sharing stories with an aversion to permanence. With each stop on the journey, he leaves a piece of himself behind but acquires a new one to carry forward. "Some That Were, Some That Are, and Some That Will Be" is a collection of songs from his latest LP, Don't Let The World See Your Love, along with newer, stripped down versions recorded at Botega Studio in Kelowna, British Columbia with Jaime Prentice.

Eight blistering songs of bare-bones rock 'n'roll to save your wayward soul.

“Celebration,” Cabinet’s third studio release and seventh overall, is that kind of get-together. Initially intended to be a straight bluegrass record, the album instead emerged as the band’s most diverse release yet, which is no small statement when you consider the various genres the band has touched upon in the studio and on the stage to date. What’s remarkable, though, is that the tunes, which span the band’s eight-plus years of existence, showcase that diversity while retaining a distinct, cohesive common thread that the band deftly weaves from track to track. It barely needs to be noted at this stage in the game that the individual musicians’ playing prowess is at a high level, but what makes this a true album rather than a loose collection of unrelated songs is not those acclaimed Cabinet instrumental chops, but its time-honored writing abilities, which are in top form here. Scenes and moods are evoked, established and subtly revisited, sometimes via timeless lyrics and sometimes with just the simple turn of a musical phrase or accent.

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