Mrs MP’s Birthday Walk 2015

It was Mrs MP's birthday on Friday. She has one every year, always about the same time. She is a creature of habit in this respect and, as is our habit, we celebrated the auspicious day with a good yomp around the Yorkshire countryside.

This year our walk took place on the Bolton Abbey estate between Harrogate and Skipton. We had previously avoided walking there because the owners are notoriously anti-dog. They are also so stinking rich with inherited wealth that they have enough clout politically to wrangle a year round dog ban on the estate's moors which are supposed to be open access. However, I fancied taking some photographs of the ruined abbey, so we decided to end our boycott.

We were glad that we did. Although we were still not allowed on the upland of the estate we discovered that there were miles of well-maintained paths along the riverbank and through the woodlands of the lower slopes. In fact we walked for over six hours and ended the day with aching muscles and two very happy dogs. I also took a whole load of photos and here are some of them:

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Mrs MP’s Birthday Walk 2015 — 6 Comments

  1. Purdy pictures per usual, MP.

    If I’m reading them correctly, about 1/2 of the Abbey church was torn down (Curse you Calvinist b@stards!), but the “West” half was saved, and a wall put up to close off that remaining part (the same wall w/ the plants painted on the inside). Does it function as a parish church now? (the seasonal vestments suggest it’s still in use)

    I’m glad “happy dogs” (and pack leaders!) got to go on walk-about the grounds.

    • Yes, it is still a parish church with Sunday services and morning prayer every day.

      • Do they ever even dream of rebuilding the transepts, apse and tower? (IMO, it’s good to dream dreams, even if they’re of the “On the Great Come-and-Get-It Day” sort. ;-/ )

        • The archeologists would never allow it. Back in the 19th. Century a few old priory ruins were roofed and brought back into service by the exceedingly rich but the culture police would never allow that to happen nowadays.