MadPriest’s Mad March Angelic Sponsorship Drive


Lois, Alice, Greg, Virginia, Kevin, Abigail, Patricia, Dora, Alison, Christopher, Shelley, Norris, Sally, Loretta, Roberta, Ellie, Andrew, Melissa, Charles, Renee, Michael, Jay, Wade, John, Eileen, Dale, Susan, Kevin, Nancy, Mary, Joan, Nick, Nola, Gethin, Joan, Anna, Sam, Ian, Jendi, Karin, Andrew, Kenneth, Susan, Paul, Kathryn, Bruce, Justin, Margaret, John and Margaret.

QUESTION: What do these fifty fine human beings have in common?

ANSWER: They are the Saint Laika Angels who, by generously making the commitment to donate a fixed amount of money to my ministry and the work of the Saint Laika website and Facebook page each month, keep my head above water and my priestly vocation ongoing.

Saint Laika's does not, and will never, charge people to listen to or download the services posted on its website. Unfortunately, it does cost money to keep Saint Laika's open to the public. The website host, the company that hosts the audio and video files and the software providers who provide all the add-ons that keep the whole experience running seamlessly, they all need paying every month. The music has to be paid for as must the royalties on the music. Then, on top of all this, the administrator of this site, Father Jonathan Hagger, who cobbles together the vast majority of the posts at Saint Laika's, receives no salary from any church or any other employer. In fact, his ministry consists entirely of his work on the Internet, a vocation that he has been pioneering for the passed nine years. As he refuses to charge people to access the website Jonathan relies entirely on the friends of Saint Laika's who regularly donate some of their hard earned money to keep his ministry going.

At this moment in time I receive £546 (before deductions) each month from my friends, the Saint Laika Angels. This is, to put it bluntly (in the original English), "bloody fantastic!" However, it really isn't enough to live on let alone run a creative website full of good stuff designed to refresh the disciples of Christ and encourage others to follow him too. Therefore, from now until Easter, I will be running a campaign to increase the number of Saint Laika Angels and get my monthly stipend up to a more comfortable figure.

£1000 is my target and I have the "sure and certain hope" that this is an achievable amount.

If you are not already a regular giver to the Saint Laika project but would like to be you can join our angelic host of supporters by setting up a regular, monthly subscription through the PayPal widget at the bottom of this post. You do not need a PayPal account of your own to do so, just click on the up and down arrows, decide on how much you would like to donate each month, and then click on "Subscribe." You will then be taken through to the PayPal website where you can simply and quickly (fingers crossed) complete the transaction. Each month you will receive a special thank you from me that will never be worth anything but might just give you a chuckle (and heck, we could all do with more chuckles in our lives).

Email me at if you need more information or help setting up your subscription.

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