Dicky Dorkins – Forgotten Already — 2 Comments

  1. …as also were forgotten just about every angry anti-theist iteration of atheist I’ve ever met.

    I shared this over at Adventus (NB: this comment wasn’t directed at me, personally—but this commenter has directed personally excoriating comments at me before):

    NZArtist • 13 hours ago

    Tell me again why I need to “respect religious beliefs”.

    *Anyone* who allows the belief in an imaginary friend to go unchallenged is contributing to this insanity. There are no gods! There are no ghosts, ghouls, goblins, elves, pixies, or gods. It’s all just made-up shit. The moment you say “respect their beliefs” your empowering these madmen. You’re giving credibility to the idea that imaginary friends can tell you how to act.

    If someone has an invisible friend they are not mentally healthy. There is no good religion. There is no benign religion. It is your obligation to publicly challenge, ridicule, and shame anyone who professes to having an invisible friend. This insanity needs to be disempowered.

    Fucking crazy motherfuckers. If you have an invisible friend you’re as mad as a fish, undeserving of any respect at all.

  2. Here beliefs, there beliefs, everywhere beliefs, beliefs. Old MacDonald had a farm, EIEIO