Pressure Cooker Britain

I think the only way an extreme right wing takeover of British politics can be avoided is if non extremist politicians start to openly talk about and promote policies to deal with the cultural issues that are worrying ordinary British people instead of changing the subject every time the issue crops up. When I was a parish priest I spent a lot of time visiting people in their homes just to chat to them and I discovered just how scared people are about having their cultural identity swamped by alien cultures imposed upon them by businessmen and politicians without their consent. I refuse to hide from this fact or condemn people for being scared even though it gets me into a lot of trouble with my socialist and liberal friends. You see, their fears are not going to go away and there is quite a bit of validity to their fears. It's also very condescending to write off pretty much the entire native working class of this country as racist when they are in fact the most tolerant working class population in Europe. But, tolerant as they are, they still want their fears addressed and if the mainstream political parties are not willing, for whatever reason, to do this then more and more of the, traditionally Labour voting, working class will start voting for UKIP or even start joining more extreme right wing parties.


Pressure Cooker Britain — 6 Comments

  1. Is what is worrying “culture” or VIOLENCE? Get rid of violence, and culture is each to whatever the floats their boat. Why can’t we just talk about violence? Either one feels justified in declaring “Do it my way or I’ll kill you”, or one doesn’t.