Quote Of The Day (Hogmanay)


In 2014 good friendships that I enjoyed were ended because of my belief in the imperative of this demand. This made me very sad. Even so, I still regard tribalism (patriotism, national self-interest, whatever you call it) to be the primary cause of violence in our world and I will continue to rage against it whatever the cost. Pride in one's own achievements is a dangerous thing, but pride in something completely accidental, such as where you were born, or the colour of your skin, or how long your family has been living in one place, is not only dangerously, it is downright illogical.


Quote Of The Day (Hogmanay) — 4 Comments

  1. Yes indeed, although the letter of James would seem to indicate that greed and covetousness are pretty powerful causes of violence too.

    Happy New Year, Jonathan.

    • Absolutely, and so often attached to tribalism. In fact, I say thank God for greed. We are still a united kingdom because of it.

  2. “good friendships that I enjoyed were ended”: I like to regard such incidents (when they happen to me) as being “on hiatus” till God’s Good Time (for reconciliation). Que sera’, sera’, etc.