The New Thought Police

I am becoming increasingly worried about how quickly, vociferously and spitefully, the politically correct left in my country keep calling for the police prosecution of those who say things that offend their sensibilities. and the like are turning from an innovative and effective way for those lacking power to get justice for their causes to an instrument of control.

I was also very disturbed when so many people campaigned to have a man, who had served his time for non-aggravated rape, banned from returning to his previous profession.

It all sounds very righteous but I really do fear we are overturning conventions that used to, in part, define us as a nation.

Personally, I would fight tooth and nail (and have done) to defend my enemy's right to say the most horrible things as long as they are not an unambiguous call to cause violence. This is not because I love my enemy as I should but because I don't want people telling me what I can say short of calling for acts of violence. That could very easily happen if we don't draw a line in the sand in respect of this creeping infringement of our freedom of speech.


The New Thought Police — 1 Comment

  1. I’m not quite sure of the cases you mean, MP, if they involve “police prosecution” for speech (unless unambiguously a threat, that would clearly be wrong!).

    However, things like at-discretion employment, or even civil damages, is another matter. See re Stanley Fish’s “There’s No Such Thing as Free Speech (And It’s a Good Thing, Too)” In short, speech, even if “free”, always has *consequences*.