Where Does He Find Them? (Xmas Special 2014)


As there is absolutely no way anybody (either in their right mind or completely out of their head) will want to listen to more than few seconds of this audio nightmare I am awarding a seasonally stupendous ONE MILLION DAYS OFF PURGATORY for any masochistic nutter who actually makes it all the way through.

You know the rules. No cheating! May your god be with you.



Where Does He Find Them? (Xmas Special 2014) — 3 Comments

  1. Oh, my dear Lord. Does Annie the dog, who endured that with me also get time off from purgatory? Or do I owe her a great big bone?

    • Well, as all dogs go to heaven, Annie doesn’t need time off purgatory. Perhaps she will give you all those days she earned enduring what you endured.

  2. One million days, one million days!! I am claiming every second, as I have richly earned them….. Where indeed do you find them? 🙂