The Great Saint Laika’s Giveaway


To celebrate last week's holy communion podcast being downloaded by 791 people, we are launching The Great Saint Laika GIVEAWAY as part of this year's Advent Appeal.

Yes, it's true. We are giving every last one of our friends and supporters, as well as anybody who just happens to be passing, the opportunity to "GIVE AWAY" some of their money, their hard earned cash, to Jonathan so that he can buy some presents, pay some bills and buy some new clothes for himself, this Christmas and New Year.

So far, thanks to those top people, Donna, Carol, James. Margaret, Sara, Mark, Noel, Susan and Andy, the Advent Appeal has already reached a stupefying...


We are hoping that the Great Saint Laika GIVEAWAY will help boost this admirable total up towards our target of £750.00. If you feel disposed towards being part of this important endeavour just click on the PayPal link below and follow the instructions. You don’t even need your own PayPal account to make a donation.


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