Atheists – God Love “em!

My quote of the day comes from the typing finger of "Irish Independent" journalist, Ian O'Doherty. It's from an article on a scrap over a cross that is well worth your time reading. CLICK HERE if you wish to act on my recommendation.

"Yet for people who have come to a conscious and logical conclusion that there is no afterlife, no God and no magic, many atheists seem to hold an almost primitive belief in the power of symbology."


Atheists – God Love “em! — 1 Comment

  1. Color me ambivalent, as on most of these sorts of issues. Should Christians, w/o debate, have put the cross on the mountain in the 1950s? No. Should it have been cut down, w/o debate, now? No. Do bloggers/commenters, talking AT each other, count for a debate now? No. BOTH sides have to stop pretending that the Past is the Present, and the Present is the Past. Look for a *consensus*.