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Whether you’re a well-versed fan or a newbie to his irresistible old-school rock grooves, this special JD McPherson 4-song digital EP is the perfect addition to your collection. Available for a limited time, you’ll get a sample from every JD McPherson release – including his forthcoming 2015 album Let the Good Times Roll. As a special holiday treat, we’re also offering his infectious Christmas tune “Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights).


Tony Lucca - "Nashville"
Matt Duke - "Leaving"
Ryan Star - "Bullet"
Honor By August - "Last Chance" (acoustic)
Andrea Nardello - "Home To Me"
Todd Carey - "Friday Night"
Ken Yates - "The One That Got Away"
Brendan James - "He Loved"
Toby Lightman - "Shine Shine"
Ken Yates - "New York Rain"
Andrea Nardello - "One Good Reason Why"
Honor By August - "Little Black Dress"


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