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Bahamas (Singer-songwriter Afie Jurvanen) recently visited the studios at The Current in St. Paul, MN to perform songs off his new self explanatory album Bahamas is Afie, out now on Brushfire Records.

Listen in on intimate performances of “Bitter Memories” and “Stronger Than That” from the new album, and “I Got You Babe” off Jurvanen’s 2012 effort, Barchords.


I wrote the words for “Am I Still The One For You?” out on the road as a kind of a broken-love-tale between me and America, about not quite feeling so proud of being an American. Yet everything I give a shit about, everything I’m interested in is right here, right in front of me in the middle of the USA. We made “Am I Still The One For You?” the title track, and picked 3 more songs that we recently recorded and have not released and then added 14 more that were on some other records. When I look at the all these songs together I realize that even though we picked them quickly, and I thought randomly, they’re connected. Big dreams, little failures, shit jobs, hard life, slow death, celebration, backsliders, insiders, outsiders, fighting, quitting or just getting by, these are the things that are right in front of me, things that are all pretty fucking American, and the things that seem to connect these songs. (Ike Reilly)

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