What’s Good For The Goose (Or Turkey)


A school committee in Massachusetts is refusing to back down over its decision to change the name of the annual "Christmas vacation" to a "holiday break". The switch was made after Superintendent of Schools Scott Borstel received an email from a parent asking if the name of the holiday could be changed to "winter vacation". The Marshfield School Committee voted 3-2 in favour of changing it to "holiday break" on September 9.

In my humble opinion, if Christians can put up with the names of the days of the week for so many hundreds of years then atheists can fecking put up with the Christmas holidays being named after Jesus Christ.

Honestly peeps, life is too short for such nonsense. Get a life or get laid or whatever you need to do to take your mind off stuff that just does not matter.

By the way, I love the school superintendent's surname. Very apt.

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