Top Table Anglicans

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This advertisement from the Durham Diocese webpage pretty much sums up how the important people of the Church of England view the church and their positions in it. Just look at the number of time "leader" or similar is mentioned. These people would certainly make their way to the top table at any wedding banquet and would probably expect the bridegroom to give up his chair for them.


Top Table Anglicans — 3 Comments

  1. Uff da!

    When you said “Top Table”, I read “Table Top”, which in turn put me in mind of “Cake Top”: Plastic Anglicans.

  2. Martyn Percy has a revealing article in the July issue of Modern Believing. He points out that dioceses have straplines these days and nearly all of them include the word ‘growth’. But not Jesus or God.
    Unlike you MP I wasn’t kicked out of parish ministry. But I never wanted to be a club manager, let alone a club manager wrapped up in all this leadership stuff.

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that not wanting to be a club manager is what gets people kicked out of the C of E club. It’s as if they are scared most of those who deliberately choose not to be a threat to them.