And Now The End Is Near

I'm a bit confused with life at the moment. In fact I'm worried that I may be completely out of step with everyone else again. On my Saint Laika page on Facebook a one sentence quote that was simply cut and pasted received twenty three likes and reached a hundred and ninety three people whilst a substantial post which involved two people in a lot of research and took a good three hours for them to put it all together, gets one like and is viewed by a mere thirty four people. I'm wondering if there is any point in spending time and effort on producing anything that involves people committing more than five seconds of their time to, unless you are famous, of course, when it appears people just can't get enough of every word that proceeds from you. In fact, I may well give up very soon and spend the rest of my life watching auction shows on TV. Nobody reads blogs anymore unless they are written by important people or celebrities or, even better, important celebrities. I am receiving far less in donations than I was receiving four years ago when I began my full time online ministry. My podcasts are only listened to by a handful of people nowadays. Eventually even a stubborn, pig headed fool like me has to accept that consumption is all and that I am no longer a product anyone is interested in. Just as I had to accept that the Church of England wanted nothing to do with me, I think it is now time that I accepted that the inhabitants of social media world have also grown bored. I don't have the energy to reinvent myself and what would be the point anyway?


And Now The End Is Near — 10 Comments

  1. Well, I’m still here. Per always. I think I must be the only person MORE “completely out of step with everyone else” than you… :-/

  2. Jonathan–I read you daily and am always interested in what you have to say. Sometimes it is hard to be the voice crying in the wilderness.

  3. It is because you are not out of step that you are needed.
    You understand what it is to be unheard, a voice crying in the wilderness.
    There’s an unpredictability to life lived on the edge and things can unexpectedly tip over to the good side as they did to the bad.

  4. MP, do not despair. Prophets are needed if not appreciated by all. There must always be someone to tell the Emperor that he’s naked.

  5. I have recently discovered your blog and find it very interesting. Do not be disheartened. I usually read your work via Feedly, as (I’m sure) do many others. There are many such news aggregators out there. PerhAps this indirect readership is not reflected in yr stats?

    • Thanks, Nick. To be honest I stopped looking at stats quite a while ago (I don’t even know where to find them on WordPress). It’s the lack of comments that makes me think I have very few readers. I think the trolls did for comments on blogs. The only way to protect a blog from trollish obscenities and the like is to vet all comments. This destroys the spontaneity of live conversation, which is still possible on Facebook and other restricted access sites.