Our Common Task

There is a lot of talk today about how we must take advantage of the new political situation, now that the Scottish people have decided not to go it alone, to make the United Kingdom a fairer place to live. I think we must also take advantage of the fact that by rejecting independence the Scottish people have brought the regions of the United Kingdom closer together than they were before. For better or worse we have made it clear that we are in this together and the realisation and acceptance of this by all of us, including those perpetually independent minded Scots, should give us a feeling of mutuality that we have not experienced since the last world war when we forced together to fight the common enemy.

Let's face it, we still have a common enemy, in fact many common enemies. Poverty is rampant throughout Britain, from Easterhouse to Tower Hamlets. The gap between the rich and the poor is expanding at an increasing rate. Our young are disaffected and are taking it out on each other and passers by with a violence more savage than anything we have known for over a century. The powerful do what they want, always for their own benefit, without consultation with, or concern about the consequences for those whose lives are affected by their actions. Morally we appear to have lost the plot completely having bought into, or, at least, become accepting of, the grossly unjust, uncaring, gimme gimme, me first, world destroying ideology that is modern day capitalism. All in all there is a lot that we could do to make this land a better land and such a goal would be more easily achieved if we attacked the job together.

Yesterday's referendum in Scotland is proof that there is a very strong impulse among us to remain together. It is proof that we don't all hate each other so much we would do anything to get away from each other. We should use this new knowledge about ourselves to empower us to change our little bit of the planet earth into a place where we can all live a more equal and happy life.


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