Goodbye Scotland – There’s No Going Back

The English have always known what some Scots think of us but up until now we've been able to kid ourselves that it is only a few of them that really hate us. So, we've visited Scotland regularly, ignored the graffiti on the Fort William walls, and handed over our English pounds which are the one English thing all Scots appear to love, and probably more than whisky.

But now we know, after a yes to independence campaign based mainly on the theme that everything bad in the world is the fault of the evil English, that almost half of the Scots and rising do not like us one little bit. So, even if the noes win the day I don't think I would be at all comfortable visiting Scotland now which I used to do many times a year. Quite honestly I wouldn't feel welcome. In fact, I would feel more than a little bit scared.

Therefore, there is no longer any point to Scotland as far as I'm concerned. I can start my grieving now. The result of the vote does not matter anymore. The haters have won even if they lose.


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