Justin Welby Is The Thin Controller

According to the ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY webpage,

"In a unique experiment the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is to open up Lambeth Palace in London to Christians aged 20-35, inviting them to spend a year living, studying and praying at a historic centre of the Anglican Communion.

"... The Community will initially consist of 16 people living at Lambeth Palace full-time, and up to 40 people, who live and work in London, joining part-time. The year-long programme will include prayer, study, practical service and community life."

An applaudable initiative which I, accordingly, applaud.

However, I find a sentence further on in the announcement very telling.

"Lambeth Palace is in the process of recruiting a Prior to pioneer this new venture and direct its worship and work. The Prior will work under the auspices of the Archbishop, who will be Abbot of the Community."

He's the Archbishop of Canterbury, first among equals and all that crap, and yet he still needs to be in charge of something else. Talk about control freak.


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